About Us

Evraa Digital is a caretaker of a digital forest, ever growing, ever expanding. Creating a digital campaign is quite like sowing a seed, watering it every day, caring for it, providing the necessary nutrition, protecting it against the elements and weeding out the unnecessary outgrowth. At Evraa Digital, we love and care for our campaigns and we’re deeply attached to every one of them. We give them adequate shelter and we help them grow. We water them with bits of our own, ideas, hard work and flashes of brilliance.

Just like food needs the right amount of salt to taste, campaigns need a meticulous measure of quirk to take off. The work culture is doctored to include a little bit eccentricity to keep the fun factor to an optimum and the ambience conducive to creativity. With Jenga games and Uno tournaments we believe in going home after work in a mood that makes us look forward to 10 am the next morning.

The team is not a team, it’s a pack. The pack works together, eats together and hunts together. Everyone who is part of the pack goes through an induction process and is taught the ways of the pack. As a pack, we are conquistadors who are addicted to winning who will stop at nothing (well, almost) until we do.